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The double standard for Republicans

Just read this great op-ed in the Washington Post, where Richard Cohen steps into Bill Clinton’s head and observes the angst of a Republican double standard on lying to Congress:

“But this Abrams thing really frazzles me. Where’s Henry Hyde bellowing about how the government can’t function if officials don’t tell the truth? ‘Truth-telling is the heart and soul of our justice system,’ he told the House when they were trying to lynch me. Well, what about truth-telling when it comes to Abrams? Henry, Henry, speak up. I can’t hear you.

“And what about Tom DeLay, that sanctimonious hypocrite? He and Hyde are in Congress, the very body that Poindexter and Abrams lied to. Not a peep, though. So it isn’t just about truth. It’s about ideology and politics. These guys will get on the radio with Oliver North or Gordon Liddy, but they only care about truth, honesty and the American way when a Democrat’s involved. Republicans can lie but Democrats can’t. I guess it’s a rule, but I don’t like it.”

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