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Join the EFF – or else.

This excellent entry at Boing Boing from John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Freedom Foundation lists some very important and compelling reasons to join EFF in fighting against the ways the digital world is being exploited and controlled by the powerful forces of Washington and Hollywood:

In a country where the corporations just bought the most expensive and incumbent Congress in history, few are standing up for the rights of the individual.
But the Electronic Frontier Foundation is still defending your tattered liberties.
I suspect you feel scared, hopeless, and impotent against this anti-patriotic betrayal of American principles. You can’t register your opposition. They ignore your demonstrations. You could send them a letter, but the White House no longer opens mail because it might contain anthrax. E-mails are utterly irrelevant to the them.
Much of what is being decreed is profoundly unconstitutional. But nothing is unconstitutional until someone has proven it so in court. Someone has to be willing to plead the case for liberty. This is what EFF does. And we need to do it before the Judiciary has been completely subverted by Bush/Ashcroft appointees. In 18 months it may be too late.

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