Just As I Thought

I suppose now I’ll have to cook

Well, my kitchen is finally complete with the installation this weekend of my new dishwasher. As I sat amidst the stainless steel splendor, contemplating the years of debt I had just incurred, I realized that I don’t cook nearly enough.
My new refrigerator is almost empty. I’ve boiled water and made Hamburger Helper on the new stove. And I’ve washed one load of dishes.
The dishwasher is an Energy Star model, which conserves power and water. But it’s not the most efficient one I could have bought – it’s in the middle of the range. According to the energy guide, I can expect to pay $37 a year for electricity — assuming I wash 5 loads a week. I rarely wash one a week, so we’re looking at a whopping $10 annual power bill. Hmm… $10 for the dishwasher, $47 for the refrigerator… why are my electric bills as high as they are?

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