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Sticker Shock

From today’s “In The Loop” column by Al Kamen in the Washington Post:

At the Conservative Political Action Conference, which featured Vice President Cheney as its opening luncheon speaker yesterday, one of the various exhibition booths hawking paraphernalia had some virulently anti-Muslim vinyl bumper stickers, for $3.95, including one that said: “No Muslims — No Terrorism.”

Sources said an attendee at the group’s 30th annual conference, at the Crystal City Marriott, called Cheney’s office to complain and a Cheney aide called CPAC organizers to express “strong displeasure.”

The booth operators removed the anti-Muslim stickers from the rack before Cheney spoke — though they left up some more tasteful items, such as the stamps that said: “WANTED! Crimes against children,” and had a picture of former attorney general Janet Reno , “A.K.A. ‘The Butcher of Waco.’ ” And they left others supporting the Confederate flag and such.

But the offending stickers were not really taken off sale. When a Washington Post reporter asked about the anti-Muslim bumper stickers, a booth attendant smiled and reached behind a sheet, saying conference organizers had ordered her to take them off display.

“Somebody doesn’t believe in free speech,” she complained, offering them for $2.75 apiece.

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