Just As I Thought

A politically incorrect wake up call

The destruction Saturday of the Columbia and the loss of 7 seven lives was a horror. A tragedy. These 7 people were heroes, pushing forward the boundaries of science in an attempt to improve the lives of everyone on the planet.
But I feel compelled to point out, as we watch blanket coverage on 24 hour news channels, that:

  • 40 people were killed in a Zimbabwe train wreck
  • At least 30 were killed in a Nigerian explosion
  • A bombing in Karachi killed one
  • An 8 year old girl was killed near Baltimore in a chain-reaction crash
  • Untold numbers of people died of starvation around the world. Homeless people died in the streets. Disease killed large numbers.

There were so many preventable deaths in the last few days. When will CNN cover them? When will 3 or 4 government investigations be launched to explain them and prevent these deaths in future?

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