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Another good dating story

Say what you will about my dating history, at least I have some good stories.
Tonight’s story is just one of those things you have to laugh about.
First things first, in brief: really cute guy, really smart, really witty, and let’s be frank, really hot.
Really good date.
Came by my house afterward for about an hour… and went outside to discover that he had been towed.
Drove him to pick up his car at the impound lot, feeling really really bad. Why, you ask?
Because the policy of towing cars without permits after 11pm was approved and signed by me when I was homeowners association president. And the contract for the towing company has my signature on it.
You’d think that of all people, I would have known the rules, eh?
Guess I was preoccupied with someone.

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  • thats ok…the active towing orders have MY signature on them…should have called me man! to hell with them!

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