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Burying our worries

We all sat and watched, anxious. We wondered if we had the right supplies. We asked ourselves if our windows were sealed properly. And we marveled at how pretty it all was.
The “blizzard of 2003” that hit Washington yesterday – and continues today – did the unthinkable: it made us forget a week of Code Orange anxiety and war drums by burying it in 2 feet of pure white, almost like insulation for our worries. People have been smiling for the first time in a week. Those who were terrified at the thought of being sealed into their homes after a chemical attack are now happily sealed in their homes with hot chocolate.
It’s as if mother nature scolds her children for being bad, then, the punishment over, urges them to go outside and make snow angels.

[Watch a timelapse video of the blizzard from beginning to end. Requires Quicktime 6]

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