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Lovin’ Thelma

Another one of those actresses with an attitude – I really enjoy the work of Thelma Ritter. OK, she died when I was only 3, but her work lives on in movies such as Miracle on 34th Street (the mother who first encounters the “stunt Macy’s is pulling…” and becomes “a regular Macy customer.”); Pillow Talk (as Doris Day’s drunken housekeeper); and Move Over Darling (as Doris’ mother-in-law). She received six Oscar nominations, and won a Tony in 1958. Her gravely voice, sharp tongue, and usually salty delivery strike a chord with me.

“We’ve become a race of Peeping Toms. What people ought to do is get outside their own house and look in for a change. Yes sir. How’s that for a bit of homespun philosophy?” –as Stella in REAR WINDOW.

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