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If I have to stop this car and come back there…

I think one of the biggest puzzles going on right now is why the rest of the world is focusing so much attention on hating America and not any on Saddam Hussein. It’s almost as if they are pretending that he has done nothing and is unfairly being targeted. They’re battling with the Bush administration – fine. But they never also say that Saddam Hussein must comply with the U.N. They just concentrate their bile at the U.S.

President Saddam Hussein and top officials issued a statement demanding the Council denounce the United States and Britain as “liars” and lift sanctions on Iraq.

I don’t think that Saddam Hussein is in any position to make demands right now. I want France to act like a parent disciplining a child – they should swivel around from their tirade to the U.S., face Iraq, and say, “YOU keep your mouth shut. You’re in enough trouble, mister.”

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