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No news is relaxing

At the beginning of the week, I was going to write another political post about the UAE port deal — but I decided to put it aside for a bit and try to have a week without politics, without news, just to pretend for a short while that the world was happy and peaceful and there were no problems to worry about.
Well, except for the property tax bill that arrived this week.
I feel much better about things because the port deal blew up almost immediately into a major scandal. I hadn’t expected that, but it seems that the media have finally started to take notice of weird things happening with the Bush White House. Took long enough, didn’t it? I wondered to myself what would have happened if they’d been reporting news like this before the last election. How did Karl Rove and the rest keep the media so cowed for so long?
Of course, just because the media got a backbone doesn’t mean that the world is happy and safe. But at least I don’t feel alone anymore. And there is still plenty to worry about in the media, as well. In fact, we might be at the beginning of a completely new political force as the media increasingly turns over its responsibilities for uncovering news to bloggers. The citizen press is creating the news these days, the media is just using it for punditry.

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