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Survivor: Baghdad

Good morning! Did you enjoy the first episode of the new reality series, “War in Iraq?”
The Svengalis who control our president masterfully coordinated this one: give an ultimatum with a time limit, then sit back and let everyone make the assumption that 8pm Wednesday – prime time – was the time to tune in. Then give them 90 minutes of anticipation by way of introduction, and then… tease them with a low-key start to the whole thing. Like 1991, the eerie green pictures of Baghdad through night-vision cameras is becoming commonplace.
With embedded reporters, a multi-million dollar press center in Qatar, and prime-time scheduling, do you suppose this made-for-TV war, a kind of miniseries of death and destruction, will garner the ratings the administration wants? Like any reality series, it might start out with high viewership, but may end in disgrace.
I feel slightly sick to my stomach and kind of in denial. Back in November of 2000, when my neighbor and I were watching election returns and Bush was tentatively declared the winner, she and I sat stunned. She became upset, worried about what he would do to our country. I tried to reassure her, pointing out that there were checks and balances and that he couldn’t destroy the country. War, deficits, and shredding of the Constitution later, I’m upset and scared myself.

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