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Support our troops… until they need vet benefits

An eye-opening example of Republican hypocrisy today on morons.org:

The House Budget Committee is set to vote on a resolution that will cut $15 billion from veterans’ benefit programs over the next ten years, cutting into health, disability and survivor benefit packages for our nation’s veterans.

What is the purpose of cutting the benefits? To justify having money for a tax cut for the rich? Or is it just a product of the complacent minds of rich men on the Hill assuming that private insurance companies should be able to pick up the slack? That government should provide the least amount of healthcare and life insurance for its people? That’s almost socialist!
Maybe it’s me and my liberal tendencies, but I strongly feel that if a citizen of this country puts his life on the line for this nation, then the United States should be obligated to take care of that person for the rest of his or her life. Period. Whether the cause is just or not, whether the commander in chief is a moron or a genius, our armed forces will do what is required of them and they do it because they believe in our country. I say, add $15 billion or so for veterans benefits!

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