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Will there be any good to come out of war? Just maybe: the magical powers of our President are creating alliances, bringing people together. Not in support, but in opposition. It’s the old addage about coming together to fight a common foe. People are organizing everywhere, and I hope that their influence continues to grow – and last.
A link from Sara: Nina Utne from the Utne Reader describes the movement known as Code Pink, bringing together women from all walks of life who are united in opposition to administration policies that threaten peace.

Code Pink is a serious response to the threats of war, of economic collapse, of the loss of civil liberties, of environmental disaster. Yet it�s also a call for a playfulness, spontaneity, and a sense of respect for what we seek to change that sets it apart from old-paradigm protest. Code Pink aims to connect people rather than driving them apart. It resonates with the knowledge that time is too short and the risks too dire for anything but love.

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