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Keep the celebrities coming

I’m as tired of the whole debate on whether celebrities should voice opinions as many other people – because it’s stupid to debate it. EVERYONE should voice opinions. This is America.
Amusements from “Too Stupid To Be President“:

Top 12 reasons to support celebrities in opposition to war.

12. Somebody has to keep the diplomatic channels open to Europe, and it just happens to be the Dixie-Chix.

11. Two weeks of basic training before filming “Saving Private Ryan” is more military experience than Condoleeza Rice, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney (5 deferments), Tom Delay & Dennis Hastert combined.

10. Don Rumsfeld went to Iraq while Hussein used our chemical weapons on Iranian soldiers (and civilians along the border) and secured the additional shipments to the Iraqi dictator. Sean Penn visited Iraq, but has only used chemicals on himself.

9. Martin Sheen has been arrested 70 times in his pursuit of peace and social justice. George W. Bush’s three documented arrests: drunk driving, theft of a Christmas wreath & football hooliganism.

8. MSNBC (General Electric & Microsoft) canceled Donahue, it’s highest-rated show, because it offered alternative views.

7. With all of the TV networks recruiting military consultants, why haven’t we seen much of Gulf War I’s triumphant Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf? (Blacklisted?)

6. The Pope, a man of some celebrity and moral authority (and an actor in his youth) is against the war.

5. Brit Hume, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are celebrities, not elected officials or diplomats (incidentally, all avoided service in Vietnam) who make their livelihood shilling for war. Garofalo, Damon et al. risk their livelihoods by opposing it. [And may I add, they are nicer to look at. -g]

4. There is no such thing as apolitical art.

3. “Apocalypse Now!” took 5 years to complete and Martin Sheen saw it all the way through, disease, monsoons and all. George W. Bush skipped the last 17 months of his National Guard service in Texas.

2. Are award shows asking pro-war celebrities to keep their remarks “neutral?”

1. It’s their First Amendment right!


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