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Verizon never learns

The Verizon telephone company (aka Bell Atlantic, aka C&P Telephone) has a very short attention span. They change their slogan every few months, and each one is less comprehensible than the last. For now, they’re using “Make progress every day.” What this has to do with their services, I don’t know. They’ve also used “The Heart of Communication,” and a bunch of others that went by too quickly to remember.
Even their toll free numbers are strange and hard to remember: for collect calls, use 1-800-USE-THE-VZ. Huh? Use the VZ? What’s the VZ?
Verizon loves to run ads in the D.C. area for services they don’t offer here. For instance, long distance. Constant commercials tout Verizon long distance, but when you visit their website, it says that it’s not available yet. Perhaps the most eye-opening phone number they broadcast is the explanation for their seemingly stubborn Learning Disability: 1-800-YES-TO-LD.

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  • Verizon!! haha

    If you call their customer service, when the representative picks up the phone they will say:

    ” Hi _____ . First of all before we get into anything ____, I’d like to remind you that Verizon’s policy is that since this is the FIRST time you called, that your problem is our problem.”

    Then I asked them,

    “First time I call? So you’re saying if I call a 2nd time then you won’t help me?”


    hAHAHAHA try it! hAHAHA

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