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Don’t get me wrong – I love my Prius. But now comes the 2004 model, which in tech circles would be referred to as “Prius 2.0“. This new version of the hybrid car is not only redesigned, but has a host of cool high-tech features: the car unlocks automatically when you approach and have the keys in your pocket. Electric air conditioning means that it stays cool even when the engine is off. And – get this – built-in Bluetooth means that you can use your phone hands-free without even taking it out of your bag. The fact that it achieves PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) status is beside the point. It’s just a tech marvel.
Anyone wanna buy my lightly used Prius 1.0?


  • Another synchronicity. With my Saab convertible having major engine problems, I’ve just started the process of looking for a new car. I’m leaning towards the MINI Cooper (love the retro styling and the design philosophy), but I’ve definitely been exploring the various hybrid options, too; I’d just seen the information about the new Prius over the weekend myself, and it does sound awfully cool. And, while it doesn’t look as sweet as the Ford T-bird convertible or as funky as the Cooper, it’s not a bad-looking car.

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