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It’s not the fish, it’s the swimming

Senator Santorum explains himself, finally – courtesy of whitehouse.org:

for the record here, what I said was that I have no problem with homosexuality, just with “homosexual acts.” I think most Americans would agree. So what’s the issue? If you say “it’s not the fish I hate, it’s the swimming,” I would understand that. Same goes for “we shouldn’t exterminate Muslims, just the ‘act’ of ‘being’ a Muslim” or “I’m not prejudiced against niggers, just folks who go around acting like niggers.” Sheesh! Some non-Republicans just can’t see the forest for the clear-cut trees. I mean, I can’t say I’m surprised that the homos can’t comprehend this simple and logical distinction, inasmuch as they’re all half retarded with Brain AIDS, but for the non-homos to be thinking that, well it’s pretty worrisome. I mean, these fops are recruiting our children, and I don’t think that any parent would feel comfortable chaperoning an after-school circle jerk in the family room.

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