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Who can blame them?

Soldiers in Baghdad who discovered millions of dollars hidden in the walls of one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces are being accused of pocketing $12.3 million themselves.
America has one of the best fighting forces in the world. We call upon them to fulfill a duty which is often opposed by a huge number of their countrymen — and even by themselves — and yet they serve without question. They are sent to fight and die by some of the richest men in the nation, and they are paid such a pittance that they and their families often live below the poverty line.
Who can blame them?

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  • I just wanted to add a little something to this entry, courtesy of a remark made by my pal Eric. He pointed out that in the 2000 Presidential campaign, Dubya made two interesting remarks: 1, that the Clinton era military was a disgrace and it was unprepared and falling apart, and 2, he did not believe in nation-building.
    Well, then he sent Clinton’s unprepared military in, and in 3 weeks they conquered a country and Bush began nation-building.

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