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Style Invitational May 11

Ala Jeopardy:

Report from Week 501,
in which we asked you to take any line from anywhere in that day’s newspaper, and make it the answer to a question.

Second Runner-Up:
A: Some look insectile, too, perhaps because their surfaces suggest exoskeletons.
Q: Is it just me, or do runway models look a tad skinny?
(Russell Beland, Springfield)

First Runner-Up:
A: Patricia Tamlin was working the night shift at Scarborough Hospital in Toronto when she started feeling hot.
Q: What line starting a story in The Washington Post could also start a story in Penthouse?
(April M. Musser, Arlington)

A: In a seminal study with other scholars of post-conflict recoveries on three continents, Boyce warned that “predation by the powerful — too often tolerated, if not encouraged, by donors in the name of political expediency — corrodes the long-run prospects for a lasting peace” by preserving centralized economies and unresponsive governance.
Q: Can you give an example of how The Post has altered its writing style to attract young readers?
(Russell Beland, Springfield)

A: “If tests from our experts confirm this, this could be the smoking gun.”
Q: What did Hans Blix say upon picking up a smoking gun?
(Milo Sauer, Fairfax)

A: I would show this to children.
Q: What deposition statement by Michael Jackson compelled his lawyers to quickly settle the civil suit against him?
(Chris Doyle, Forsyth, Mo.)

A: It’s like deja vu.
Q: What is deja vu like?
(Chuck Smith, Woodbridge; Mike Hammer, Arlington)

A: He wouldn’t wear his name tag.
Q: How was Osama able to slip unnoticed out of Afghanistan?
(Jennifer Hart, Arlington)

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