Just As I Thought

Me tired. New USA exhausting.

I’m exhausted from ranting about our lying, warmongering, intolerant, idiotic, freaking asshole president. I say these rude things now because I am certain that it’s only a matter of time before such opinions will result in my mysterious disappearance and detention without charge for years. Like they used to do in Iraq, you know?
Anyway, to save up energy for the outrages that will come tomorrow, I turn this post over to Thom who places it in Bizarro perspective.

Me am Bizarro Dubya. Me do opposite of all intelligent, logical things.
Us hate freedom!
Us love threats and fear!
War am peace!
Free speech am treason!
Restraint on liberty am Patriot Act!
Saddam am bin Laden!
Looting am protection!
Anniversary of 9/11 am opprtunity for Republican campaign stunt!
69,000 lost jobs every month am fiscal conservatism!
No weapons of mass destruction am reason for war!
Us give tax benefits to rich people; us make middle-class people pay more in taxes!
Us put money in worker pockets when them lose pay when me use factory for photo op!
Ship turnaround and come home slower so us fly jet to get to it quicker for campaign stunt!

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