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More evidence of Bush’s poor math skills

From the Associated Press via Ananova:

Millionaire Bush not quite sure what he is worth

President George Bush is not quite sure how much he is worth – putting his assets at the end of last year between [$8.8] million and [$21.9] million.

Vice President Dick Cheney is even more unsure – valuing his assets at between [$19] million and [$85.9] million.

The figures came in annual financial disclosure forms that US public officials and certain government-paid advisers are required to file with the Office of Government Ethics.

Under federal law, the officials may report the value of their assets, income and debts only within broad ranges.

The documents also showed presidential gifts Bush has decided to keep – worth [$14,269] in all.

They included eight Rolling Stones concert tickets for his daughter, Jenna; and a [$972] cowboy hat decorated with a silver Lone Star on its band.

© Associated Press
[Note: This story included currency listed in pounds. I converted the original £ amounts to $ amounts using today’s exchange rate. The amounts are much more impressive in dollars than in pounds.]

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