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E-mail scammers watch the news, but don’t have spell check

The Nigerian e-mail scam, ever vigilant of current events, now has morphed into an appeal from Iraq. I received this tonight:


I am an Iraqi national and an aid of one of those listed by the American Govt on its
wanted list.For security reasons i will not disclose his name .All I can
say is that he has been captured a few days ago. I will like to get advice
from you. I believe the advice I need is secular to some extent, but do have
the patience to understand my intention.

Just before the eventual fall of Baghdad and having lost hope of the Iraqi
Forces being able to defend themselfes,My boss escaped from the Mansion and
after three days of patiently waiting to see him or receive any instruction
from him as to what I should do and coupled with the Looting everywhere I
had the courage to break into his private room and destroyed his Safe.There
I found Dollars worth $20.5M all packed in suite cases and defaced in Black
colour.On a closer look I concluded he defaced them in readiness to escape
with them through the Syrian Border with Iraq.

When the war in Iraq intensified I Managed to cross over to Syria and
deposited this box in a security vault in that country with the
understanding of the Manager of the security company who felt the content
of the trunk Boxes were documents/personal effects and never cared to check. He also
assisted me in
escaping from Syria to my present Hiding place which I will not reveal until
I am sure that you will be able to help me in Claiming and repatriating the
funds from the security company in Syria.
I know that My boss aquired this fund Illegally and so I do not want to use
it personally,at least not the whole of it.All I want is a part of it for my
upkeep as I do not have any family for now.All of them were killed in the war.
I need someone who will be able
to use the fund better maybe for charity or something universally
profitable, I have thought of doing it my self but at the Moment due to the
Problem my boss is having with America,I do not want to appear publicly
anymore until everything has calmed down.

I will be glad if you have any interest in the direction of maybe managing
or transmitting the fund as you prefer in your capacity and understanding.

I will be glad to reveal my location after I have read from you and assured
that I stand in no Risk whatsoever.

Respond Via email to:ahmedkhalil0608@yahoo.co.uk

Ahmed Khalil
Think I should forward it on to Donald Rumsfeld?

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