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Busy day

While Jeff was busy making his kitchen messy, I was cleaning.
I can’t remember the last time I was so productive – while the computer upstairs was rendering video, I was downstairs mopping the living room and kitchen floors, scrubbing counter tops, polishing stainless steel, washing dishes, and clearing off a kitchen table that I haven’t seen the top of in about 5 months.
But, like washing clothes, a clean kitchen only stays clean until the next time you decide you want to do something like eat. So, I decided to take a picture, because — as they say — it lasts longer.

This has also been an anxious day. Last night, as usual, Diego the dog and Boothby the cat staked out their respective sides of the bed. But while my attention was elsewhere, something happened — a loud yelp, almost a scream from the dog, and he took off after the cat yelping the whole time. He didn’t get far. When I jumped out of bed I discovered blood all over Diego’s side. Certain that it was only a flesh wound from Boothby’s claws, I tried to grab him but he was yelping and hiding. Finally, I got him into the bathroom and cleaned him up. I couldn’t really see anything, which was reassuring — being a chihuahua, it’s not like there’s a lot of hair to obscure a wound.
He spent the night cowering, refusing to come to me. This morning, that behavior continued, and he spent a lot of time in the little space between the couch and the end table where he tends to go when he’s not feeling well. Still, he wasn’t bleeding.
He’s now starting to be more active and he’s no longer hiding. I’m sure that the sausage I gave him helped his spirits. smile I’m sure he’s just scared and his leg is sore from the wound, but all will be well tomorrow. Just in case, I’d better get some more sausage.
And Boothby? What else. He’s in the doghouse.

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