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I know. I haven’t been posting as prolifically as in the past. It’s the absence of the Powerbook.
The latest in that saga: Apple finally clued me in on what happened. They shipped it off to a school somewhere instead of to me. Evidently “Engineering Hold” means “We lost it.” The school has FedExed it to my office, and a co-worker is bringing it by tonight. ::whew::
I had an appraisal today on my house, preparing for a refinance which will not only drop my interest rate a full point, but enable me to pay off all by debts – except, of course, the house. Real Estate is an amazing thing, and I stumbled into this with uncharacteristic luck. By all accounts, my house is now worth more than twice what I paid for it in 1998. Incredible.
Cleaned up a bit, shined the house numbers over the front door (incidentally, Home Depot now has self-checkout like the grocery store. At the grocery store, it’s an annoyance because they’ve taken out perfectly good checkout lanes to put in this exercise in stupidity, thus making it tougher to check out. Now, the same thing has happened at Home Depot, but what makes it worse there is this: really, really non-technical and slightly stupid contractors who wander in to buy a nail then with their 5 buddies are totally baffled by the electronics involved in checking out. Today there was 1 checkout line open and 2 self-checkout machines. It took me a half hour to check out waiting behind all the bozos. Isn’t it just faster to hire a checkout clerk and do it the old fashioned way? Ah, the demise of customer service – these days, you pay an extra fee to use a teller at a bank.) I also repaired the fountain in the backyard, just in time for the deluge of rain expected tomorrow here in the wettest city in the country.
Tonight? A little Guiness and anothe Judy Holliday movie that TiVo found. Ah, domesticity.
Speaking of domesticity, I’ve also decided that I’m never going to post another personals ad ever. No matter what my ad says, no matter what the picture looks like, I always get the same responses from a) guys under 20 and above 300 who want to “learn,” b) bearish daddies over 50 who want a “son”, and c) “bi white married males” who want to meet discreetly. I simply can’t understand why the online personals business is booming – this seems to be all that’s out there. I guess people keep hanging on (as I did) hoping that some day something else will come along, and they pay monthly to keep that hope alive. Not me. I give up. If you’re cute, don’t fit the above descriptions, and you think I’m cute, go ahead and e-mail me. But I’m tired of searching for you. Sorry.

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  • Unless you’re tagged as a Wiccan-loving, RennFaire-going, D&D-playing, “offbeat” kind of guy, eh?


    The refinance thing is at the top of my to-do list as well; my condo too has soared in value over the past few years, and I’m planning to lower my rate and take out some money at the same time to pay for the necessary car repairs and/or new car, and Alex’s vet bills.

    Tonight, alas, I’ll be snuggling up with my red pen and chapter two of my friend’s dissertation; think of me during your Guinness Holliday.

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