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Can’t see the tree

oldtree.jpgUp until about 5pm today, I had a tall redbud tree in front of my house. It shaded my second floor bedroom windows and clattered against them when it was rainy and windy. But this spring, half of the forked trunk didn’t bloom. The other half was too heavy to stand up by itself, and today it was cut down.
Replacing the tree was a bit fraught with complications – I am the president of the home owners association, so I realized that it couldn’t be replaced with a big expensive showy tree lest I was accused of using association funds for my own front yard; so we compromised on a nice dogwood. It’s odd – now my living room windows look out on full leaves where before they saw only a trunk. And my bedroom has a view it never had before, unobstructed by leaves. I can only see the top of the new tree if I look down.
I miss the old tree already. I have no shade for my bedroom and when I look out it seems very empty.
[FYI: This is the 555th entry in my blog. If you stack them up, they’ll create a perfect obelisk.]

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