Just As I Thought

Just another emotional Thursday

Coincidence or irony? Like most people, I get those two confused.
I went over to Target today — by the way, they seem to have opened up the paid parking for free now — to pick up a humidifier. I learned the value of one from B, and I slept much better over at his place where the air wasn’t as dry. It’s only been cold for a short time, but I’m already suffering the effects of a dry, dry winter.
When I got home, there was a package at my front door. From B.
[I’m deliberately writing this in a kind of anecdotal, chit-chat style to hide the fact that I am kind of emotional and teary eyed right now. Just so you know.]
By the time I got to the end of what he wrote on the card, I could barely see because of my watery eyes. It was a Christmas gift — very neat clock with almost industrial exposed gears, a clock I had admired at a shop in Philadelphia. As I watch the gears spin, spin, spin, I’ll be thinking of B, B, B.
I have never had good luck with love. Part of the reason is that I never really knew who I wanted to be with, what kind of person, and what qualities to look for. Now I’m still unlucky because I realize that B is the person I had been looking for all that time… and I don’t know whether I will ever find someone who makes me feel even remotely like B did.

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