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Our well-balanced leader

Thanks so much to Sammy for this one! MSNBC reports on President Bush’s attempts to ride a Segway, complete with images of him falling off of the self-balancing scooter.

The Segway went down on the president’s first attempt, but he stayed on his feet with a flying leap over the machine. Undeterred, he got on again. His father, former President Bush, climbed on a second Segway and they cruised around the driveway at the estate at Walker’s Point.
       The president’s twins, Jenna and Barbara, and former first lady Barbara Bush all took turns on the Segways.

I guess there’s a reason they make you take a class when you buy one.

[Update – this story is everywhere on the web today, and you can bet it’ll be the top joke on Leno and Letterman – although, Letterman’s Friday show is taped on Thursday and he’s turning over to guest hosts anyway, so… hmm. Anyway. People love a presidential accident story.]

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