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Diana + Charles = Cute

Britain’s other cutie, Prince Harry, has decided to join the army. I’m so disappointed. I hoped that he’d go into some kind of modeling career or perhaps star in a racy sitcom as the gay guy. Ah, well – at least we’ll see some more pics of him in uniform in future. Does it get any better than this? Quirky looks, excels in acting, art, sports… oh, and third in line for the throne of England. Not bad.
Thank goodness Diana pumped some decent DNA into that family. I think that I’ll make Harry the cutie of the week.

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  • It’s stories like this that make me feel old. I was preparing for my sophomore year at Harvard when Charles and Diana were wed, two days before my 19th birthday. Now their youngest son has been graduated from Eton and will turn 19 in just a few months.

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