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Coming soon: X-ray specs

The federal government is considering the use of – get this – a backscattered X-ray machine which literally sees through your clothes. The picture in this one is a bit… creepy.

The US government is considering using X-ray vision at airport security checkpoints to give a naked image of passengers.

The magnetometers now in use at airports cannot detect plastic weapons or substances used in explosives.

Susan Hallowell, director of the Transportation Security Administration’s security laboratory, demonstrated the system which bounces X-rays off her skin.

To the eye, she is dressed in a skirt and blazer. On the monitor, she is naked – except for a gun and a bomb that she hid under her outfit.

“It does basically make you look fat and naked – but you see all this stuff,” she said.
Everytime something like this comes out, we ask “Aren’t we going to far for security?” Evidently, no one is answering “Yes.”

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