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Everything Falls Apart

Ah, hubris. I’ve been very pleased for the last decade that I just don’t look my age; no one believes that I am 40 now, although I don’t deny it or lie about my age.
But entropy increases. First it was the shock of a heart attack at 39, and then this morning an even worse sign of decay: hair loss.
I’d noticed there there were stray hairs around the bathroom, and I kept wondering where they were coming from. The only other person to use my shower was my aunt, and that was two months ago.
Then this morning it was clear: my hair is starting to come out. When I run my hands through it, it ends up on my hands.
Now, I don’t expect to be bald by the end of the week or anything, but I did think that I’d have a good head of hair to the end like my maternal grandfather. But my dad is nearly bald and my brother is well on his way. So, perhaps that side of the family is having a good laugh now as I face the horror of my age.


  • Actually, your hair is constantly falling out, and male pattern baldness doesn’t make it fall out any faster; it only fails to grow in as quickly or thickly, until it fades away.

    If your hair is coming out more than usual it may be something else, maybe related to your meds. I’d mention it to your doctor.


  • I hope it is the meds, since it started only recently. Maybe the meds are to blame for my puffy eyelids, too.
    Hmm. I’ll bet there are a lot of personal appearance problems that I can blame on meds!

  • I have to agree with TK.

    Everyday, everyday when I shower I lose so much hair it completely stops the drain and I have to move what looks like a dead mouse with my toes or the shower starts filling up with water. And yet I still have a full head of hair and show no signs of balding or even thinning.

    It’s the meds, talk to your Dr.

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