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First thoughts about “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”:
I guess that when you have 5 queeny guys on a show, you have to have some way to keep them straight – pun not intended. Thus, within 2 minutes, they’ve introduced each of the guys and their areas of expertise TWICE.
And please, tell me they won’t be playing this dance music throughout the ENTIRE show…
This guy that they’re making over, Butch, is obviously an uber-liberal guy, who probably has plenty of gay friends – heck, he builds sets for Broadway. To make this a real cross-cultural experience, I think they need to get out of New York and try this in, say, Crawford, Texas. Provided they bring some bodyguards, especially that Carson.
Kyan and Jai are the immediate cutie standouts. I’m much more interested in the bartender in the DiSarrono commercial 10 minutes into the show…

Then, an ad for the upcoming “Boy Meets Boy,” yet another dating show – this one with the twisted kink of having some of the guys be straight. Regardless, they’re all blessed with model looks.

Gee, this doesn’t in any way make me, a non-model, non-buff, non-chiseled, non-dancing, non-gym bunny, non-stylish gay guy feel at all unwanted or inferior. Not at all. Really. I swear.

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