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I love it when a plan comes together.
mesarasmall.jpgMay I introduce my faithful readers (and detractors) to Super Pal Sara Hickman, the angel who just happens to also be a prolific songwriter, musician, and singer. She’s dipping her toe into the blog waters, first on my blog, and as of today, on her very own! I’m enjoying her unique stories of life. You will too.
Drop by her new blog, Zen La La, at zenlala.com. And then buy one of her albums. Visit sarahickman.com
I’m currently producing a DVD retrospective of Sara’s career; it should be finished and available by Christmas. For a sneak peek, take a mosey on over to Cowan|creative to take a gander.


  • I never thought Sara Hickman could evoke an ‘A-Team’ quote, yet you have done it my friend.


  • Ah, the A-Team had much to teach us that is applicable to all life situations.
    I pity the fool that doesn’t realize that.

  • Speaking of the A-Team, I once made out with the cute one, Dirk Hamilton. My dear friend, Jim D., graciously brought me to a Planet Hollywood opening in Vancouver. It was there I met the illustrious Mr. Hamilton, who was still looking fine…and I mean…F-I-N-E! As fate would have it, I, too, was looking slim and fine that night, and after much
    disco-ing under brightly colored lights and imbibing in yummy rum flavored drinky-poos, Dirky and I went outside…to cool off, he said. Wow, Nelly! Things DID NOT cool off! Au contrare! As we stood under the silent pines, stars twinkling in a
    dolphin shade of deep blue something…his lips met mine…ah. Suh-weet! When he asked me to join him in his hotel room, I demurely declined,
    siting the fact I had left the toaster oven on back at my pad.

    So, we shall never know, shall we…if Mr. H
    was a Mr. T in the B! Tee-hee.

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