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Sturm und drang mit Schwarzenegger

Because of equal time access rules, now late night television talk shows are opting to not make fun of Schwarzenegger’s candidacy – it seems that too many people get their news from Late Night, sadly, so the FCC would require equal time for all the California governor candidates.
Lisa DeMoraes of the Washington Post reports on this comedy piece that was recorded this week on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, which was edited out by CBS because of the equal access problem:

“The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn” did a very funny bit this week in which they closed-captioned Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first campaign ad for those of us who have trouble understanding the Austrian native:

“Dis hysterical erection his come bout becuz deres a tree men dos dis connect between da peep hole of Cauliflower and da readers of Cauliflower. . . .”

“Weed a peep hole arrr! dewey hour job, verking hod . . . and paying toxics. But de pomegranates Arnold mooving tear jobs. We candle butter den dot. After fall, we are Colin Farrell.

“I stand for fiscal irresponsible government . . . reap-hilling California’s eco-gnomic enzyme, potting the knees of children thirst and informing our political sister so dat da puppet interest comes before spetzel internss.

“I want to eat the peep hole’s governor.”

She also reports, via Jimmy Kimmel, that the movie star actually said: “The people — you can’t put wood over their eyes.”

Ah, Mr. Bush – you have truly lowered the bar for all of us.

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