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Vanity is a harsh bitch master

This morning, I switched from glasses to contacts – as I often do when the weather is nice and I want to wear sunglasses. I also, as of this morning, have lost 22 pounds on my diet. The combination of losing weight in my face and shedding my glasses has resulted in the shock and horror of discovering the beginning of crows feet or some such thing next to my eyes… something that previously wasn’t seen because my face was too chubby (can’t have wrinkles when your face is fat) and the glasses hid them.
Oh, vanity… a double-edged sword if ever there was one. And here I’ve been so complacent and proud that I don’t look my age… I have a sinking feeling that as I get closer to 40, all those wrinkles and such are going to gang up and hit me at once.
That said, I’m going to have to raise my fake age estimate from 29 to 32. smile

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  • CONGRATULATIONS! on the weight loss! That is really awesome to hear. How are you doing it? Low-fat, low-carb, soup, cabbage, popcorn, South Beach? And don’t worry about aging. Gray is sexy. Wrinkles are only bad if, by reading between the lines, you get “flappy skin that sags.” Don’t sweat it. Age with dignity sexy man!


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