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Trading Places

Sara reports that she auditioned yesterday for a new ABC reality show called “Switch” – the premise is that people switch lives for 4 days. Sounds like a twist on the Brit show “Faking It” in a way. This one sounds actually interesting, especially if they switch the right people. As Sara puts it:

I would end up in Alaska as a fisherman, or a dumptruck driver in NYC, or a brain surgeon or whatever…hmm! Could get wacky!


  • Ah, it’s much more complicated than that:
    The BBC *does* air it’s own version of “Friends” – it’s called “Coupling”.
    The interesting thing is this: NBC has now made their own version of “Coupling” which is slated to replace “Friends” when the latter goes off the air this season.
    So, NBC will air a copy of a copy of their own show.
    Confused yet?

  • So when will the US be adopting spin-off’s of ‘The Young Ones, Are You Being Served, and This is David Landers?’
    -Does this thing happen in reverse? Does the BBC air a spin-off of ‘Friends?’ perhaps titled ‘Chaps?’

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