Just As I Thought

Hey, honey, guess where I’m calling from? THE PLANE!

It just occurred to me that I should have brought my iSight in my carry-on bag so I could have an “On Location” webcam on the plane. It’s only 4 days old and looks shiny and new. On my way back, I’ll bring my camera so you can see pretty pictures of clouds out the window. Won’t that be nice? I think the last picture on the “On Location” cam is from the big hurricane at the end of last week – if I remember correctly, it’s just a rain-spattered window and flickering street lights. Nothing all that exciting, really. I read somewhere recently that they are beginning to put WiFi on planes – now, wouldn’t it be cool to have the camera live from my seat on the plane? Neat. Stuff like that–just neat stuff with no real value–is my favorite application of technology.

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