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I am amazed by my lack of dating skills and seemingly cursed dating past. I just don’t know which parts are my fault and which are just the cold, cruel hand of fate. Here’s a sampling:

Last Christmas, I met up with a guy and one weekend, invited him over for a movie. About half-way through “Lost in Space,” he seemed to fall asleep. “Hmm, good taste,” I thought to myself. Except that he wouldn’t wake up. At first I thought, “great. A drug addict or something.” Eventually, I called 911 and one of the paramedics made a snide remark about inviting strange guys over. It turned out he went into a diabetic coma. I fed him a little something, made him drink orange juice, then he went home. I never heard from him again, but later found out that he had been killed in a car accident sometime later. And that is my strangest date story.

A few months ago, I went out a few times with a fellow participant in this incestuous blog universe. It was the beginning of a short-lived, but odd triangle. He was also going out with another blogger, who I had previously expressed interest in not dating. So, I was after guy #1, guy #1 was after #2, who was previously after me, #3. Make any sense? Anyhow, #1 and #2 are now together, and ol’ #3 is jealously looking at a picture of the two of them on a blog together.

Now, recently, I had set up a romantic third date with James, who never showed up. Of course, I was intensely pissed off. But as time went by, I started to worry. This was not what I had expected from this guy, who seemed pretty cool… at least, the two times I had met up with him before. So I began to wonder what had happened. Was it another car wreck? So, I drove by his condo – in full stalker mode – down the street. His car was there. Later, I called him and left a message putting it on the line – I was worried that I hadn’t heard from him and, even if he didn’t want to see me, could he call and let me know he was OK? Nothing. So, I still don’t know just what happened there.

While I was in Austin, I met Christian, a guy who’s been an e-mail pal for more than a year. He was so much cuter than I expected, even for a triathlete and personal trainer. I had a nice dinner and a fun night with him talking (and watching King of the Hill – who knew?), and then, I had to come back to DC, 1,000 miles away.

And last weekend, I met a nice guy, who – let’s be frank – I shared a mutual physical attraction to, but… well, I would say something and he would get hurt; then he would say something and I would get upset. It was as if we were from completely different universes, and I just don’t know how to deal with that sort of thing effectively – especially since I have a knack for saying the wrong thing, I guess. So, after cooling it off this week, I think it’s died a natural, mutual death. I spent so much time last weekend thinking of the future possibilities, that I neglected the present. I didn’t know how to deal with him. And now I just worry that he hates me. I don’t like feeling that someone dislikes me.

Dammit, I just want everyone to love me. Is that too much to ask?

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