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Gadget envy

You know, ever since I got this new Powerbook, I feel somewhat… sad for the old one. It’s sitting forlornly on top of the shelves in the living room, looking thin and sleek; while I type away on this new (slightly larger) aluminium Powerbook playing with the backlit keyboard. I feel bad for the old model, wondering if it has a soul and feels abandoned. Soon I think it will have a happy, joyous new home in Austin, Texas where it will be loved and cared for with a great family. But I still feel bad.
I also am starting to feel ambivalent towards my car. I have ordered a new 2004 model of the Prius to replace my original, first-year model. My special ordered car with all the options won’t arrive until sometime in December, so I am beginning to feel a slight resentment as I drive the old one. “Why don’t you have Bluetooth?” I ask it. “Where’s your keyless starting and side curtain airbags?” I inquire of it. I know I’m making it feel bad and it knows that it’s days are numbered. I should be nicer to it. Wash it or something. I wonder if I will be able to find a good family for my first year Prius, which I also had to wait, wait, wait for back in 2000…

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