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Why do they call it common sense when it’s so obviously rare?

Most of my complaints on this blog revolve around items which, I think, make perfect sense if you have the brains a small slug was born with. Such things as, oh, not electing someone to run the world’s 6th largest economy who hasn’t even given the first hint of how he will do it; not cutting revenues while increasing spending (Mr. Bush, are you listening?); getting a cup of coffee, and being shocked that it’s hot; etc. etc. etc.
These things all seem pretty concrete and obvious to me, but evidently that’s not the case with many people. Here’s an example of the lack of common sense that I noticed this morning and again this afternoon when leaving the office: in the basement of my office building are two package boxes, one for FedEx and one for UPS. You can put your packages for those two companies into the boxes for pickup at the end of the day.
This morning, as I walked past, I noticed a strangely colored envelope on top of the FedEx box. My first thought was that someone neglected to actually OPEN the box to put the envelope in, so I went back…
and noticed that the envelope was for Airborne Express.
I guess that person thought that the FedEx guy would pass it on to the Airborne guy. It was still there this afternoon, of course.

People are just morons.

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