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Stories of the Stupid (continued)

Yesterday, someone faxed our office. They were requesting that we send them a fax back, but – as they wrote on their original fax – they didn’t know our fax number.

There was also someone who we faxed a form to fill out, and said “fax this form back to us.” He did. Without filling it out. He just turned around and faxed it back.

Back in 1994 we held a convention in Phoenix, Arizona. The various sessions and workshops were held at the convention center in rooms with names like “Yuma” and “Tucson.” At one point during the convention, we received a phone call from a man asking where he could find a certain session. “It’s supposed to be in Tucson,” he said. We agreed – that’s what it said in the program. “But I can’t find it,” he claimed. It turns out that he had gotten in his car and driven to the city of Tucson and was searching for it there.

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  • Back in the day, when I was co-driver for a long-haul trucking concern, our dispatcher told us to go to Rochester, NY and pick up a load.
    We got there and were immediately lost using street direction pre-supplied by the vendor. Finally we called Dispatch, and were told they’d made a mistake… we were supposed to be in Rochester, Minnesota.
    They dared to giggle about it.
    Next time we were in the office, we had a wee chat with them. It wasn’t pretty.

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