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Casting call

I’m formulating a brash plan to promote my friend Sara’s talents as a singer and songwriter. Most recently her focus has been on kids, but she has a vast portfolio of adult music. I have two major goals in this little plan: to book her on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and on Late Show with David Letterman. Do any of my readers have information on the booking departments/producers/talent coordinators for these shows — or any others? Or, do you have any ideas for other promotional outlets? Or know of a talk show or program that needs a fun, wacky, silly, intelligent, and sassy host? Think Carol Smillie with brains and talent.
In the past, courtesy of her record label, she’s appeared on The Tonight Show, Rick Dees, Pat Sajak… and a bunch of others. But that was in the 90s. We’re in a new era. This could be just the opportunity to make the Internet work for an artist. Why rely on record companies and media suits? Let’s work that six degrees of separation thing! Shoot me an email (gene at genecowan.com) and let’s see what this network of people can do.

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