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Help someone. You can afford to.

Homeless people are just that — people without a home. They’re not faceless blurs on the side of the highway. They’re people.
I always try to do something for people, usually in the form of whatever cash I have on me or in my car; last year when the snow hit us I realized, sitting in my relatively expensive high tech car all toasty warm, that I am blessed well beyond reason with things. But things don’t bring the kind of happiness I want. I realized at that moment that the influence of just one person can change your outlook and reorder your priorities. And that’s when I gave the guy on the side of the road my gloves. What did I need them for there in the car? They only cost $15, I can go to Target and get another pair.
This year, when I go to that Target to buy gloves, I’m gonna buy about 10 pair. There are a lot of people on the side of the road that need them. It helps them, it makes me feel better, and heck, $150 is what I spend at the grocery store every couple of weeks. Gotta learn the relative value of things — $150 is not a huge sum of money for me, but it could make a life or death difference for someone else.
It’s getting cold. Go help a person who needs you.

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  • I think I’m way more jaded about this than you. I know of several people in Philadelphia who make their living by panhandling and appearing homeless. In reality, they own homes in the ‘burbs and support their families very well. I also know a host of people who have given coffee or food or blankets to people begging for change, only for the begger to laugh in their faces and tell them they want money. For this reason, I never give anything directly to anyone on the street. I make donations of cash and material goods directly to homeless shelters. They know who is homeless and who is just faking it. I trust them to do the right thing with my donations.

    It’s commendable that you put forth the effort. Alot of people don’t.

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