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At least it didn’t fall off at sea

A little bird told me that a ship docked today in New York carrying a special present just for me — my new car, to replace the one that was sold out from under me a week or so ago.
I wish I could track it, much like an overnight package. Unfortunately, that would border on obsession and I’d be going nuts wanting to know why it wasn’t here yet. OK, so, in theory, it’s in New York. Well, shouldn’t it be here tomorrow? Dammit. I hate waiting.

Update: the 2004 Prius has been awarded Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. And all those big U.S. car companies insisted that hybrids were underpowered, too expensive, and would never become popular.


  • Sigh. Well, at least one of us got good news about the Prius.

    I was home sick from work today and Alexandria Toyota called me; I got slightly nervous answering the phone when I saw their name on the caller ID, thinking that maybe my car was also on the shipment that had arrived in New York (the salesman had told me I might get my car as early as November, since they were getting a large shipment then). Instead, I was told that unless I’m willing to change to a different option package than the one I ordered, I’m looking at no sooner than February for delivery, as they aren’t getting as many of the fully loaded cars as they were expecting.

    So I’ll have to settle for something less than what I wanted but potentially have it before the end of the year, or have to wait three more months for the one I want and at the same time lose a quarter of the tax deduction.

    As the song from Hee Haw goes, “if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”

  • They told me the other day that they were expecting a lot fewer of the package #9 cars – surprising, I would have thought that they’d make more of those to maximize the profits. I haven’t gotten a call telling me that mine would be further delayed, so I’m hopeful…
    Frankly, I would take the deduction in 2004 – since you just refinanced, you’ll be able to deduct various closing costs this year, why not spread the deductions around? Although, you also *need* a car, so… what options can you live without?

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