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Still no cure for cancer

Love those drug companies — they charge outrageous prices for prescriptions, claiming they need it for live-saving research. (Their marketing budgets are larger than their research and development budgets.)
Then, what is the result?

American men will have a third, longer-lasting choice for treating impotence after the Food and Drug Administration yesterday approved Cialis, known as the “weekend” drug in Europe because it can remain effective for as many as 36 hours.

The drug, which succesfully debuted in Europe early this year, will be marketed as different from other medications in that it gives couples a much longer window of opportunity to have sex.

What a bizarre nation we live in — we are at once so puritan about sex, yet we have three different drugs so that guys can get it up.
We have drugs to ease allergies, we inject poison into our faces to keep them smooth, and children get pills to make them quiet and concentrate.
Yeah, the drug companies are saving lives, alright.

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