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Yes, you really can get anything on eBay… including a life-size wax figure of Walt Disney. Or, at least, they claim it’s Walt Disney.
Here’s a picture of Walt Disney:

Now, the description of this wax “effigy” says, “Very few artists are even capable of creating such a realistic figure.” So, let’s take a look at the realistic figure:

Such realism! It’s like Walt himself!
Yes, it’s true: very few artists are even capable of creating a realistic figure. Of course, were we to give the artist the benefit of the doubt, we’d say that there was a mix-up in labeling — someone in the warehouse accidently packed the wrong head with this body. In fact, the head we’re looking at was that of another celebrity:

p.s. just for the amusing cryogenic humor, may I point the eBay shipping requirements: “Head will need to ship overnight in a temperature controlled package.” And we all thought that Walt Disney head rumor was apocryphal!

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  • John Astin/Gomez Adams! What an ironic mix. And it doesn’t look much like him either. Where is the Riddler mask? (Though Gorshin owned that role).

    Honestly, I think a lot of the wax dupes at places like Toussads are not that great. Which, for some reason, made me wish that I could have seen the model for Michaelangelo’s David.

    Just to see how he did with the resemblance. Really.

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