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Sour grapes

Here’s why the Democrats don’t seem to stand a chance: they’re too busy sniping with each other to take on an incredibly well-orchestrated and well-funded Republican juggernaut…

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.) turned his rejection by former vice president Al Gore into a sharp attack on Howard Dean on Tuesday, questioning Gore’s judgment and warning that the former Vermont governor would lead the Democratic Party back into the political wilderness.

Vowing that he is more determined than ever to fight for the future of his party, Lieberman said at a pre-debate news conference here, “The choice in this campaign has now become clear. Howard Dean and now Al Gore say they want to take our country back. I want to take America forward.”

Frankly, I was never excited by Lieberman, and wonder if he was a drag on the Gore campaign. After all, it’s patently obvious that he was on the ticket to appeal to the right wingers in the Democratic party. And he’s drifted farther right since then.

Grow up, people. And the sour grapes approach isn’t working — saying that Gore’s endorsement doesn’t mean anything is sounding a little hollow.

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