Just As I Thought

Maybe they think it’s a sitcom

I decided not to put myself through the horror of listening to our President mangle the language for an hour, but while perusing the channels I noticed that Channel 20 here in Washington — one of those channels that was always a kind of crappy independent before UPN came along — is showing the speech. A feed from Fox News Channel. Now, it’s worth noting that Channel 20 (WDCA) is now owned by News Corp, aka Fox, along with Channel 5, WTTG. Both are showing the speech, along with WRC, WJLA, WUSA, and WETA.
I can’t recall WDCA ever showing such a thing before, in fact, WDCA doesn’t air any news programming at all. Gee, do you think they’d be airing a state of the union by a democractic president?
Not on Rupert Murdoch’s campaign cash, they wouldn’t.

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