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Some anniversary this turned out to be

Today’s the universally accepted anniversary of Macintosh — 20 years ago, the computer for the rest of us was introduced, launching the graphic user interface and the mouse to the general public. (The GUI was actually introduced in Apple form earlier with the incredibly expensive Lisa computer, but the Mac brought it to the masses.)
Lot of us Mac nuts were waiting for some big, exciting announcement from Apple today in recognition of this milestone, but we’re still waiting. And I told myself that I would wait until today before I ordered the G5 I speced out a while ago, just in case a speed increase or updated version was in the works. But today, in my inimitable “gotta have it NOW” style, I gave up waiting and placed the order. I’m so good at justifying these things to myself, though, so I promise I won’t have any big regrets when I’m working on all the planned video projects on my to do list!
But I swear, after this (oh, and after my planned camera purchase for aforementioned projects) I will be completely, totally broke. No more toys. Really.
Although, that iPod mini is awfully cute.
Someone help me, PLEASE.

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