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Where’s the evidence?

I just read an obnoxious letter to the editor in USA Today. The writer was upset that gay marriage was compared to interracial marriage, and thumped the bible repeatedly, saying that marriage was a concept designed by God, not man. (Did He invent divorce, too? How about spousal abuse?) That the bible shows that God hates homosexuality. That she can see no evidence that homosexuality is inborn and not a choice. And that gay people will never get the “benefits” of marriage because God won’t let them.
You want evidence?
Cripes. Where’s the evidence that God invented marriage? Where’s the evidence that homosexuality is a choice? I’m sure that if you actually read the entire Bible rather than just the parts that justify your insanity, you’d find that God probably prohibits interracial marriage, too. If you can take it on faith that God created heaven and earth, why can’t you take it on faith that he made some people gay, or that he loves all his children?
These people take whatever they believe on faith, but justify their hatred of homosexuals by citing a lack of evidence. What f’ing hypocrites the religious are.


  • How do people like that survive their daily life? You’d think they’d be in some horrible, disfiguring accident, what with the blinders they’ve got on and all. Feh.

  • Evolvefish.com has great bumper stickers, magnets and buttons just for these religious zealots:

    “I’ve got nothing against God – It’s his fan club I can’t stand”

    “Doing my part to piss off the religious right”

    “Thank you for telling me what’s good for me”

    “I found Jesus – he was in the trunk when I got back from Tijuana”

    “Christians aren’t perfect – they just want you to be”

    “Guilt, Fear and Mass Insanity – 3 cheers for Christianity”

    “Hatred is not a family value”

    “Straight but not narrow”

    and more cool slogans. Check em out!

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