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The sound of silence

Ah… it’s so calm here in my home studio now. The G5 arrived.
So far, I haven’t really put it through any tests of raw speed, although I’m certain that it won’t perform the way it does in Apple demos — that’s just never the case. But when copying over huge numbers of files from the old G4, I was amazed at the disc speeds. I just let it chug away and it still didn’t flinch, and wanted more. And the processors that would have been maxed out on the G4 were barely ticking over on the G5. While it was copying, I played around with iTunes and did all kinds of other stuff without a problem. Nice.
But the very best thing of all is the blissful silence. When I ceremonially turned off the G4, the room went nearly silent. Folks, the satellite tv receiver in my bedroom makes far more noise than this G5. It’s no louder than my Powerbook with the fan on.
The quiet in this room is deafening, and I like it.

P.S. When you open the DVD drive on the G5, a metal door slides down to allow the tray to eject. It reminds me of Gort. I think that’s what I might name my new computer.

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